6 Tips for Improving Your Dutch through Self-Study
Jan 24, 2023

If you have set personal goals to improve your Dutch or pass your integration exams in 2023, the self-study course Inburgering Online can help you achieve them. Bart Nawijn, the founder of Inburgering Online, recently returned from vacation in Mexico and shared his experience of learning a new language while immersing himself in a different culture.

As a Dutch teacher, Nawijn also highlighted the importance of independent learning skills. He emphasized that many language courses underestimate the significance of being able to study independently, which can be frustrating and demotivating for learners.


Inburgering Online stands out in this regard, as it provides a logical and guided approach that helps learners develop the right mindset for independent learning and enjoy the process.

Inburgering Online offers comprehensive preparation for A2, B1, and Knowledge of Dutch Society exams, making it an excellent tool for anyone looking to improve their Dutch. The course includes videos, grammar explanations, practice exercises, and mock exams to monitor progress and familiarize learners with the test formats.

To help students make the most of their self-study journey, Bart Nawijn shares six valuable tips:


Tip 1: Begin by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the language.

Start with a comprehensive overview of the language to better understand its structure and essentials. Learning the typical sentence structure and key verbs will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.


Tip 2: Find similarities between Dutch and the languages you are already familiar with.

Identify parallels between Dutch and the languages you already know. Recognize similarities in structures, rules, or words, and prioritize vocabulary that interests you. Over time, you'll find it easier to infer new words from context.


Tip 3: Focus on grasping the easier aspects of the language first.

Focus on mastering the easy aspects of the language first. Understanding the patterns governing Dutch can make the language less daunting. By acknowledging that most parts of the language are easy to learn and apply, you'll stay motivated and experience positive learning moments.


Tip 4: Practice repeating what native speakers say to improve your pronunciation.

Improve your pronunciation by repeating short recordings of words or sentences spoken by native speakers. Watch Dutch news or YouTube videos to practice speaking and become more comfortable expressing yourself in Dutch.


Tip 5: Seek out sources that capture your interest and are in Dutch.

Engage with Dutch sources that pique your interest. Whether you enjoy cooking or sports, seek out websites, videos, or channels that cater to your hobbies. Learning becomes more enjoyable and effective when you're genuinely interested in the content.


Tip 6: Concentrate on what you already know and understand, rather than getting discouraged by what you don't know yet.

Focus on what you already understand when listening to recordings or reading texts, rather than fixating on what you don't comprehend. This mindset creates a more enjoyable learning experience and allows your brain to process information effectively.

With a clear and calm approach, Inburgering Online provides an excellent resource for self-study. 
Starting at €8.95 per month, the guided course offers a convenient and affordable option for improving your Dutch skills. Good luck on your language learning journey!


Within 45 days I passed all exams.

This is probably the best course. I am happy to inform that within 45 days I passed all exams. The best part is when KNM course was added. It helped immensely reduce the preparation time from many months to a few days. I highly recommend this course.


It's better than spending lots of money on classes.
The course is very very good, friendly to study alone. In fact it's better than spending lots of money on classes. I passed my exam and I would not have been able to without the course. Thank you guys.


Highly recommended!

Great course. The content is presented in a way that motivates you to keep going. The content and exercises are very well aimed to complete the integration exam. If you have questions, you send an email and get a very quick answer. Highly recommended!