Discover the new and exciting way to prepare for the Dutch society(KNM) exam with an online inburgering course 
Jan 18, 2022

Say goodbye to the monotonous textbooks and hello to a simplified and engaging learning experience. This innovative course, called on, is designed to make studying for the Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM) exam easier and more enjoyable for inburgerers.


The KNM exam covers a variety of topics, including Dutch history, geography, work, and housing. While the exam is highly informative, many candidates find the content to be dull and uninteresting. Additionally, the current textbooks used for preparation are in Dutch, making it difficult for candidates who haven't reached the required level of language proficiency.


To address these challenges, Bart Nawijn, a Dutch teacher, created Inburgering Online. This online course offers study materials in English, providing translations for complex Dutch words and explanations of the exam format. Nawijn has skillfully bridged the gap between the language proficiency required to pass the exam and the knowledge candidates need to acquire about Dutch society.


Inburgering Online utilizes engaging videos to tackle important yet tedious topics, such as tax rebates on mortgage payments. Nawijn's enthusiastic presence in the videos aims to keep learners engaged and motivated throughout the course. The goal is to make learning as accessible and comfortable as possible, reducing the burden of studying for the exam.


The course includes 240 practice questions, two practice exams, and a study schedule. It also offers practical information about the exam and strategies for success. One valuable tip is to consider the perspective of a Dutch person when answering questions about "Dutch norms and values," rather than relying on one's own cultural background. By adopting this approach, candidates can enhance their understanding of Dutch society.


Learners who have experienced Inburgering Online have praised its effectiveness. Leonard, a knowledge migrant from Australia, found the exam technique advice particularly helpful. He appreciated the meticulous methodology taught in the course, which helped him analyze keywords and exploit them to find the correct answers. Leonard also enjoyed the flexibility of e-learning, allowing him to learn at his own pace and maximize his efficiency.


Another satisfied learner, Leonid from Macedonia, described Inburgering Online as thorough and user-friendly. He felt confident when taking the KNM exam after completing the course. Leonid valued the personal touch provided by the videos, feeling that he had a coach guiding him through his learning journey.


The KNM course with Inburgering Online is available starting at €12.95 per month. Alternatively, it can be accessed for free when subscribing to all four language courses. Don't miss out on the 50% discount available until the end of February 2022. To learn more about the subscriptions and access Inburgering Online, visit their website. It's the ultimate tool for success in passing the Dutch society exam.


Within 45 days I passed all exams.

This is probably the best course. I am happy to inform that within 45 days I passed all exams. The best part is when KNM course was added. It helped immensely reduce the preparation time from many months to a few days. I highly recommend this course.


It's better than spending lots of money on classes.
The course is very very good, friendly to study alone. In fact it's better than spending lots of money on classes. I passed my exam and I would not have been able to without the course. Thank you guys.


Highly recommended!

Great course. The content is presented in a way that motivates you to keep going. The content and exercises are very well aimed to complete the integration exam. If you have questions, you send an email and get a very quick answer. Highly recommended!