New online Dutch integration gets exam candidates ready for B1 level
Oct 3 2022

The online self-study courses at now also prepare students for the reading, writing, speaking and listening exams at the more difficult B1 level. 


As the government intends to increase the exam level from A2 to B1 in the near future, the popular online course platform now also publishes courses preparing students for this more challenging B1 level. 

The Dutch government believes that a decent level of the Dutch language is necessary to integrate in Dutch society and on the job market. This is why the required language level of the inburgering (integration) exams is going up to B1. 

It seems that this year people who apply voluntarily can still apply for permanent residence and Dutch passport with the A2 exam certificate.

If you want to know what applies to your own situation, we advise you to contact DUO or IND.

The good news for anyone who will have to take the exam at B1 level is that Inburgering Online  has created new online guided self-study courses to get ready for these exams. Just like for the A2 exams, exam candidates are tested separately for reading, listening, writing, speaking and KNM(Dutch culture), the B1 courses also prepare you for these five skills. 

The courses are filled with exam focused lesson videos, practice exercises, mock exams and grammar explanations.


Reassuring and user-friendly

The online courses give students a lot of confidence because it is very exam focused explains very clearly what you should know and be in control of to pass the exams. So, besides teaching Dutch to the level that you need to comfortably pass your exams, the courses also make it very clear what is expected from you. As a learner you will be reassured that your Dutch does not have to be perfect to easily pass the exams.

‘You see my face on the screen and it makes it more personal,’ Bart explains. ‘I realise that studying for an exam is not something you do for fun, and I try to make it positive and to encourage people.’ He adds: ‘I think that schools are often too focused on mistakes and what you did wrong. This leads to a negative learning experience and that’s not my approach at all. I try to guide people so that if they study in the way I tell them, they should easily be able to pass.’ 

Even though the courses are online, students can always send an email to Bart ([email protected]) with questions about their studies. He receives questions about grammar, exam techniques, study advice and many more. Students really appreciate this personal interaction and it is something Bart really enjoys as well. ‘I love languages and I put a lot of energy and passion into this project,’ he says.


Bart’s objective in creating his courses is to make the courses as user-friendly as possible and to make sure anybody who studies from his courses can comfortably pass their exams. ‘The goal of the course is to create a guided self-study course where people don’t need books or fixed classes, and where every student, does every exam really well,’ explains Bart. ‘Complete beginners, students who normally struggle with language learning or people who are not necessarily very comfortable with computers should be able to easily pass their exams after completing the courses’ he adds.

‘Inburgering Online makes the learning process so much fun,’ says Tamara Zajačková, a Slovakian vet who lives in Leiden and has been studying from the new B1 courses. ‘The course is easy to use,’ she says. ‘Videos are created in a clear way and the emphasis is put on the specific vocabulary and grammar which you need for passing the exam. You get plenty of space to practice the explained content, and after each completed part you can test yourself to track your progress.’

Tamara is also a big fan of the flexibility of the courses, which allows her to work at her own speed. ‘What I find the most convenient is the access to your course through a mobile phone. This way, you can practice anytime, anywhere,’ she says. ‘Another plus point is the possibility of adjusting the playing speed of the videos. This is very helpful. I use a slightly slower speed to better understand the explanation of the grammar rules.’


Getting more fun and valuable experiences out of your life in the Netherlands

The B1 is not a new exam, and it’s also not exclusively meant for people who are going through the integration process. Many people take the exam to show employers that they have a certain level of the language or because it is necessary to get the certificate for studies here. Others simply want to improve their Dutch and receive the official certificate simply as part of their own personal development.

‘B1 really helps you get the most out of society,’ Bart explains. ‘A2 level is very basic. With B1 level, you can do so much more. You are actually able to express a lot of things and have conversations.’ Having B1 level is about more than a requirement for permanent residence or Dutch passport, he explains, but will just help you get the most out of your life in the Netherlands.

‘In any social environment, this level will help you participate a lot more,’ says Bart. ‘It just makes living here a lot more interesting.’

The B1 course with Inburgering Online starts at €8.95 a month. Go here to find out more about the courses on, visit.


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