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This online course is the one I have been looking for! 

I have tried a lot of Dutch language books and language classes. They were expensive and most of them had fixed schedules to enroll. However, this online course is fully focused on the Inburgering exam and you can start it right away. Seriously, stop wasting your time and money, this online course will let you pass the exam at no cost and time as I DID! 


Great course!

Very detailed and impressive content! All question types and how to answer them have been explained in a very structured manner. I have not come across this standard of study material over the internet. This will help you ace the exams for sure!


They have done a wonderful job in covering end to end.

I have taken Inburgering courses from Inburgering Online and found it very useful for my exams, the contents are rich and they have done a wonderful job in covering end to end, it really helps in preparing for the exam!